Monday, March 3, 2014

Computer: Makes life easier

Indeed that computer made our life easier. In almost all the industry, computer made a difference in every aspect of the task. In automotive, computer diagnostic tools checks the problem of a vehicle and points it out so that the mechanic will have to just check a specific portion of the vehicle. On the field of medicine, it made a big leap in treating patients and discovering new ways in solving diseases. Also on music, it made a musicians life easy. Like for example in arranging or composing a music, devices such as akai mpk 88 lets the musician integrate his keyboard to his computer so he can record, edit, playback, compose from his keyboard on the fly and he can also add more instrument accompaniment using that device. Many of us know the importance of the computer to our lives, but there are still people that can’t appreciate it. 

Little Girl Mickyla

I miss my baby Mickyla, back then I remember one time that I wished that my daughter will grow-up fast coz I want to escape the tiring task in taking care of a baby. From changing her diapers, cleaning her poops, bathing her, preparing her milk and many more tasks. It was all a stressful task but I admit, It was also so rewarding to do those tasks. Now that she is already 9 years old, I miss her being a baby that cries at night, gives me a “beautiful eyes”, and giggles when tickled. Soon, we will be having a baby here because my sister-in-law was pregnant and she’ll be giving birth this coming month of May. We are all excited to welcome the new member of our family. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Burlap Gift

My godmother arrived yesterday from New Jersey, She was a nurse back in their county. She gave me a fitted faux washable burlap as her late Christmas gift. It was a new thing for me because I was used to a table cloth that is short and has a thin or light cloth. The one she gave me has a thick layer and it measured from the top of the table up to the floor. It is my first burlap and I am happy to have it. Now that I own this, I am planning to buy my next fitted table cover online. Because after I received her gift, I keep on searching the internet on where to buy it online and discovered plenty of sites that has it.

Reason Behind Flappy Bird Removal

If you were to be asked, what do you think is the reason why the game Flappy Bird was removed from the app store and google play? The developer of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen tweeted that he doesn't want the attention and fame that is given to him and his game by the press, they were "overrating the success" and he was asking "please give me a peace"
Me, personally don't believe in his intention and reason behind the removal of the game on the app store. I think, what he was doing was first; he announced that he was removing the Flappy Bird, so what do you think is he planning? After his announcement, more and more people will download his game because it will be removed in the app store in a few hours. So more download, more fame, more opportunity and money. I hope he was not doing the Justin Bieber moves. Hahahaha...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Guitar strings for hubby

I remembered in our college days when my hubby requested me to buy him a set of strings for his guitar because he wasn't able to go downtown just to buy those. So after my class, I went to the mall to do his request. When I gave him the strings, he was not happy because I bought a bad quality of strings.

So the last time he let me buy strings, he told me the particular brand Savarez guitar strings is his choice. That time I am sure that what I bought for him was the right string that he wanted.

Girls Basketball

My daughter Mickyla is learning to play basketball right now. At first, I am worried because people may think that my daughter is boyish and when she grow up she'll became a lesbian. But after I read an article about girls playing basketball, I knew that there is nothing to worry about. Many girls at their younger years loves basketball and later when they grew up they became an athlete on their school and eventually be a scholar. If that would be the case in the future, it will be a be big help on us particularly in financial aspects. I just hope that her sports activity wouldn't affect her academic studies.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Local Guitar Effects

Hubby is planning to buy guyatone effects at musicians friend but still hasn't decide which one to choose because it has several models to choose from. He knew about guitar effects because one of his uncle's band mate uses it. His uncle is a professional musician in Shanghai, China and when they choose their gears, it is surely best of its kind. My hubby is a fan of famous guitarist and so he has some knowledge about guitar effects especially good quality brands. If only this item can be bought locally, maybe this guitar effect will be sold like a hot cake in the market.

A Rabbit for 9th Birthday

Kyla is asking a rabbit as a gift on from us on her 9th birthday, I am hesitant to grant her request because as I know her, she easily get bored to things. She is only good at start but as time pass, she take for granted the things she asked for before. Just like before, she asked for a fish and we bought her a fish, at first she was so diligent to take care of it but just after 2 weeks she let my hubby fed the fish and change the water in it.

So now, before we give her a pet rabbit, we will talk to her first regarding her duties when she have the rabbit.